About Us

Majees Lighting Industries LLC was established under the commercial laws of Oman, dully registered in March 1996 as a specialized lighting manufacturer of a highly engineered

Under the brand name of MAJELITE, at a comprehensive state of the art manufacturing facility in Sohar Industrial Estate on a site area of 8500 sq mtr

Quality Policy

  • Comply with applicable Legal, regulations, standards and other requirements to which the company subscribe for.
  • Operate at maximum efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and strive for continual improvement to meet our customer's specific requirement.
  • Develop and implement a company-wide simple, clear and effective management system supported by essential documentation.
  • Reduce the risks of our environment, health and safety to acceptable levels to ensure commitment to prevention of injury and ill health and QHSE performance.
  • Minimize the impact of our activities, products and services through treatment of air, water, soil & the wastes generated. By adopting practices to ensure energy & resource conversion through limiting our waste emission.
  • Promote best practices for incident prevention, pollution prevention and assets integrity.
  • Establish measure and review our QHSE objectives and continuously improve procedures, process, services, QHSE performance through effective implementation.
  • Provide training and resources to our employees to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to perform their tasks in a healthy, safe and in an environmental friendly manner.
  • Communicate this policy, relevant standards, procedures and programs to our employees, customers & suppliers, other interested parties and staff working for on behalf of Majees Lighting Industries LLC and ensure awareness of their individual QHSE responsibilities.

Technical Backup

MAJELITE products are manufactured in collaboration with internationally renowned and worlds leading ISO certified suppliers of lighting components and parts. The support provided by our technical partners ensure trouble free performance. a peace of mind and security on purchased products, Our 5-years guarantee not only represent our level of commitment toward our valuable customers but our confidence in our reliable and functional products as well which are all manufactured in full confirmity with the requirements of EN60598-1 :2004.

Who We Are?

Majees Lighting Industries LLC MAJELITE is an ISO9001:2008 certified limited liability company, established under the commercial laws of Oman, dully registered in March 1996. A national manufacturer of…

Our Mission

“To provide quality and cost effective lighting solutions for all functional lighting needs & in return achieve total customer satisfaction from a vibrant trouble free & quality installation.”